Propel organizational leaders seeking real world experience to new levels of productivity and communication.

Advanced off-road training programs for all levels of experience.



HighTrail Expeditions is all about the journey of exploration, experience and learning. We are committed to the belief that having fun while experiencing new challenges is an exciting way to learn and explore. Everyone at HighTrail is passionate about imparting to each of our fellow adventurers a great, fun-filled experience that will provide lasting impressions. It is our philosophy that the true measure of what we do in life is not in how far we have gone or the places we have reached, but rather in the quality and spirit of how we did the journey.


One of our most important goals is to make every adventure a learning experience. Whether it is off-road driving skills, using a map and compass, or leadership training that builds effective teamwork; it is our mission to help you retain and actually use these skills in a real world environment.



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