Where will we go? 

We will operate in various wilderness areas in Colorado and Utah, which has some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. We will choose trails and conditions that will provide the skills training and challenges to develop leadership skills in a real world setting.

Is it safe? 

Our guides are certified as Wilderness First Responder Technicians and have many years of experience in the field. Satellite phones and rescue beacons are part of the emergency equipment for every trip. All trips are conducted with safety as the primary concern in all activities together with respect for the environment.

Why do we go to the wilderness in Colorado and Utah? 

Not only do we want to build your leadership and teamwork skills, we want to make sure that you’ll continue to benefit from these lessons for as long as possible. This is why we teach our course in an environment that is completely different from the business environment. Unique environments dramatically increase retention and ensure that you will make the most of your course for years to come.

I've never done this before. Is this trip for me? 

There is no need to have any prior experience. The objective of the adventure is to acquire new skills through a process of hands-on leadership.

Is there any classroom instruction? 

The outdoors is our classroom! All skills are developed in the field to accelerate awareness and increase retention. There will be “classroom” sessions held outdoors, which will cover technical skills, safety and leadership challenges.

Is there any classroom instruction? 

Breakfast and dinner each day will be at our base of operations (which varies by class location). Lunches will be out on the trail and the participants will be responsible, as part of their leadership responsibilities, to ensure that they each have provisions and water for the coming day.

What kind of vehicle do I need? 

We will be driving slightly modified Jeep™ Wranglers, which are very capable of tackling all of the terrain we will be exploring.

What gear do I need to bring? 

Prior to the trip, we will provide a checklist of items you will need and items that are optional.