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4WD Training for All Levels of Experience

High Trail Expeditions offers off-road training programs for all levels of experience designed to teach both the science and art of 4x4 wilderness travel in a variety of conditions and environments. Drawing from decades of experience, and using the same expert guides that accompany our other on-trail training, HighTrail Expeditions brings you face-to-face with some of the most challenging trails, teaching you how to overcome obstacles with planning, confidence, and effective techniques regardless of trail conditions. Our comprehensive courses can be customized for each group or individual, from the novice to the veteran overland enthusiast, who is eager to increase his or her knowledge and skills.

The overall focus of our training is to provide you with excellent off road skills, such as planning/preparation, driving, and recovery skills, emphasizing at all times - safety. Our technical off-road courses consist of: proper vehicle outfitting, helping you prioritize what equipment to have on-board to provide maximum safety and to ensure a great backcountry experience. Winching techniques, which will help you in a variety of difficult, and at times, high-stress recovery situations. Hi-Lift Jack techniques, one of the most versatile and useful recovery tools that you can own, the "Swiss Army Knife" in the off-road world. How cross-axle obstacles can affect your vehicle’s traction, and the use of traction devices such as sway-bars, lockers, and electronic traction control. Additionally, we discuss at length the importance of spotting (marshaling) and effective communication to help you and your fellow explorers to safely navigate obstacles and terrain as a team that could otherwise cause damage to your vehicle or result in getting stuck.

All of these skills and much more are covered in our on-trail training courses. If you want to reach a high level of on-trail leadership, gaining skills and experience that you will allow you to explore the back country with confidence and safety, then we encourage you to give us a call to discuss what courses and training experiences will work best for you.


Safety is a critical part of every activity at HighTrail. As part of the learning process we focus not only on skills, but on safety, including operational planning & preparation such as trail books, preparatory instruction & debriefs, and constant on-trail expert guidance. We strive to instill the concept that safety is primarily a personal responsibility that everyone needs to take a part in. 

In addition, our guides have spent a great deal of time in the backcountry training and hold a variety of certifications such as Wilderness First Responder and Certified Trainer from the International 4 Wheel Driver Trainer Association (I4WDTA). To compliment this experience and training, HighTrail also utilizes technologies such as mobile phones, satellite phones and rescue beacons.

Training We Offer

  • Safety Training

  • Off-Road Driving Techniques

  • Vehicle Outfitting

  • Vehicle Recovery

  • Trip Planning
    and Preparation

  • Route Navigation

  • Private or Group Instruction

  • Guided Trips

  • ​Map and Compass Skills

Course Curriculum


Equipment, philosophies, considerations, and prioritization based on budget. 


A visual, hands-on discussion of how cross-axle affects a vehicle. 


Develop spotting skills and requirements for success on trail.  


Develop winching skills that will aid in your recovery during extreme situations. 


Use of and appreciation for one of the most versatile recovery tools that you can own. 

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