A New Level of Leadership Development

On a red rock cliff side trail in Colorado and Utah, you can learn more about critical leadership and teamwork skills over the course of three days than could be acquired in years of classroom training. HighTrail Expeditions' Accelerated Awareness™ programs are designed to propel organizational leaders seeking real world experience to new levels of productivity and communication. On the trail in Moab, participants engage in planning, driving, riding, navigating, analyzing trails, and creating solutions to overcome what seem to be insurmountable obstacles. Our programs accelerate the development and retention of critical leadership skills including teamwork, positive mental attitude, motivation, trust in intuition, humility, present moment awareness, communication, respect, strategic agility, and commitment to action.  

Unlike traditional conferences, simulated play, or classroom training, participants deal with real world challenges with real consequences. Participants are directly responsible for the leadership and communication synergies of their team and the ultimate outcome of their actions, while being under the supervision of the HighTrail team of expert guides, serving as safety officers and mentors. Participants find themselves in an environment where they have no choice but to manage issues that in a normal work setting may go unaddressed.

With hands-on training in off-road safety provided prior to driving their Jeep®, each participant quickly learns proper techniques of navigating difficult terrain. Through teamwork and the execution of strategic decisions in challenging settings, participants come to understand the implications of their actions to themselves and others, and their application to work scenarios with the potential to achieve greater success and save their organizations costly mistakes.  

We are confident that you will not find another program for building critical leadership and teamwork skills that can match this level of sustained awareness long after the program has been completed.

On the Trail: What to Expect

Day 1

After a group breakfast, we pick up participant Jeeps™ and prep them for the trail. 

HighTrail guides will take your team through a training session so participants are qualified to operate vehicles. The first day focuses on giving team members the off-road skills and safety tips they will need for the rest of the course. 

Day 2

We put your off-road skills to the test and shift our focus on leadership skills. 

It takes genuine teamwork, communication and collaborative leadership to overcome the challenges of the trails. We will provide the coaching and training to each participant, allowing them to reach their true potential.   

Day 3

All of the team's newly-acquired leadership skills will be put to the test. 

Our guides will supervise and support the team's planning and execution. Participants will need to use all of the skills the have learned to successfully function as a team in a wilderness environment. 

Off the Trail: Additional Training 

Optional training to supplement your leadership skills 

Pre Trip Sessions


Understanding, appreciating and adapting to various behavioral styles.


Communicate and interact more efficiently and effectively

Post Trip Sessions


Identify ways you adapted, or reflect on how you could have adapted, relating it back to a more effective approach to exercising leadership, management, and teamwork in the workplace.


Reflect on how you can apply these tools to have a more productive and enjoyable workplace.


Create a plan to keep on-track and accelerate results at work.


Through teamwork and the execution of strategic decisions in challenging settings, participants come to understand the consequences of actions to themselves and others. They can apply this to work scenarios, to achieve greater success and save their organizations costly mistakes. We are confident that you will find this exceptional program unique and unparalleled for building critical leadership and teamwork skills that will maintain this level of sustained awareness long after the experience is over.

After the course, you’ll bring back to the office an ability to overcome challenges. You’ll be able to lead your team through unexpected events and difficulties. Additionally, you will increase your ability to work as a team, not as a hierarchy. Your team will learn to explore solutions together and achieve results as a cohesive group.

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Safety is a critical part of every activity at HighTrail. As part of the learning process we focus not only on skills, but on safety, including operational planning & preparation such as trail books, preparatory instruction & debriefs, and constant on-trail expert guidance. We strive to instill the concept that safety is primarily a personal responsibility that everyone needs to take a part in. 

In addition, our guides have spent a great deal of time in the backcountry training and practicing their skills. They have also undergone formal training and hold a number of certifications such as Wilderness First Responder (WFR). To compliment this experience and training, HighTrail also utilizes technologies such as mobile phones, satellite phones and rescue beacons.

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