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Head Leadership Coach and Guide


Mr. Stapell holds the following certifications:

  • Mr. Stapell holds the following certifications:

  • Wilderness Emergency Medical Technical

  • International 4WD Trainer Association

  • Nationally Certified Fire Service Instructor

  • PDIC Certified Dive Instructor 

  • Certified Specialist in High Angle Rescue

  • Technical Rescue and Training Officer, Amherst High Angle Rescue Team

  • Licensed Guide - Federal Bureau of Land Management

  • Emergency Vehicle Operations

Raymond J. Stapell, or “RJ” is a leader who has been tested in a wide variety of life and professional situations. Each time he has used his remarkable leadership skills, acquired and tempered through life experience, to exhibit grace under pressure and secure the best possible outcome in challenging situations.

Mr. Stapell is one of the founders and General Counsel of Circuit Clinical.  Circuit Clinical provides innovative technology solutions to enhance the quality and effectiveness of clinical research.  His principal duties include corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

Mr. Stapell is also a senior member at the law firm of Harris Beach PLLC and was the managing partner of the Buffalo office for over 20 years.  He also serves on the board of directors of various public and private companies and lectures on leadership to various businesses and MBA candidates.

In addition to his extensive legal career, Mr. Stapell is an avid outdoors man and pilot. He has spent considerable time in remote locations and on multiple excursions in the Rocky Mountains and desert southwest, and shares his insights through these intense training programs in which he utilizes some of the roughest terrain in the country as his classroom to teach critical leadership and teamwork skills.

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