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Technical Trainer and Guide


Paul holds the following certifications:

  • International 4WD Trainer Association

  • Outdoor Emergency Care Technician

  • NSP Pro Avalanche I

  • AIARE Avalanche Safety I

  • Backcountry skiing-white water canoeing-backpacking certification, SLUOP

Paul’s love of off-roading started at the age of nine on family trips to Moab. By the age of eleven, Paul was already learning how to drive manual transmission and was developing a passion for learning about mechanics and vehicles. His love for the outdoors led him to study Geology at St. Lawrence University.

Paul lives in Utah and works as a Parts Sales Manager for American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) in addition to his work with HighTrail Expeditions as a technical driving instructor. His time working with HighTrail has given him the opportunity to work with many clients including the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team.

​When Paul is not off-roading or working on cars, he enjoys skiing in the backcountry, trail running, backpacking and mountain biking.

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