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Leadership Coach and Guide

Paul has been enjoying the outdoors and off-roading since he bought his first Jeep almost 20 years ago. His experience as an Army Officer and in Federal Law Enforcement, have taught him the value of team oriented leadership, adaptability, mission focus, and common sense. His positions in the Army and Law Enforcement have enabled him to continue to experience the outdoors and successfully meet any unexpected challenge. In his current position, Mr. Coen has traveled across the US and around the world, working with both local law enforcement and the US military. He has experience in cold weather and desert environments, as well as climbing and scuba diving.

Mr. Coen continues to enjoy all things outdoors. He has spent considerable time in the Rocky Mountains, the desert southwest, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Although he would prefer to travel in his Jeep, he and his wife have also explored the backcountry by foot, by snow machine, and most recently by motorcycle.

His professional experience has taught him the importance of developing team members, and creating an atmosphere for success.

Mr. Coen holds the following certifications, and has completed the following courses:

  • Wilderness EMT / EMT-B

  • Rappel Master

  • Instructor Development Course

  • Tactical & Emergency Vehicle Operations Course

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